Return Policy & Warranty

Return Policy and Warranty Disclaimers Black Chip Technology does not provide content we pass on media which is free and available on the internet. We are not a provider for hosting and maintain any media. Our exclusive offer of a 100% return replacement in your first 3 months after registration is validated. You may also purchase an additional year for $29.95.

Policy: If you have any defects in manufactured product including a unit which has a black screen when starting or if your Black Chip Media Player simply will not power on. Should you experience any defects with the remote or power supply.

Requirements to make your Black Chip Media Player run at top efficiency

  • Using a Ethernet connection will give you the fastest and most reliable source for less buffering and enjoyment.
  • The faster your WI-Fi speed the better but a minimum should be 10 Mbps High Speed Internet and the closer to your router the higher speed you will obtain.

For Customer Service please Email : Or call Toll Free 888-388-9888 press 1 for Support 2 For Sales.